Trying to input your email on your new laptop via your keyboard, and you are not getting the “@” sign when you press “Shift key” + “2”? Dont sweat it, here are some quick tips to fix this issue.

Step 1

At the bottom left corner of your system window is the Microsoft logo, click on it to display the Start menu.

Step 2

When the window opens up, you can either search for “control panel” or click it from your list of applications on your laptop.

Step 3

The control panel shows a variety of settings associated with your computer system. At the bottom right, select “Ease of access”


Step 4

Ease of access gives insight about the navigation around your computer. The mouse and keyboard to be specific. When this window comes up, Click on “Change how your keyboard works”¬†

Step 5

When this window is opened, scroll down to the bottom part of the window where there is an option to “Add a Dvorak ¬†keyboard and change other input settings” click on this option.

Step 6

The major reason for this glitch is because the keyboard settings for the computer system is in United kingdom settings. To change this, click “Add a language”

Step 7

In this window, there are many languages that you can choose from, and there are also options to add more languages from the internet. Click on “English” after which you select “United states English”

Disclaimer; These tips on how to restructure the keyboard arrangement can only be used on Windows operating system.