In a last post, we discussed how to setup Login Approval for Twitter to ensure double security on your account but the previous outlined steps are for computers, this one is for iPhone users.

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For iPhone users, setting up login approval or two-factor authentication on Twitter iOS app is easy. Here are the steps to set it up;

Step 1

After launching the Twitter application click on your profile. On the right hand part of the page, click on the ‘SETTINGS’ logo,

Step 2

From the dropdown menu, select ‘SETTINGS’.

Step 3

When setting opens, click on ‘ACCOUNT’

Step 4

Next, click on ‘SECURITY’

Step 5

Login verification is next, switch it on.

Step 6

A dialog box appears asking further confirmation to set Login Approval. Click on the confirm button to continue.

Then it proceed to show how Login Approval works. Click ‘START’ and continue.

Step 7

Enter a phone number to facilitate the validation process. Make sure it is a valid number that you are in possession of as a verification code will be sent to this number.

Step 8

Enter the code sent to your phone number and continue. You will get a text message confirming activation.

When this step is completed, your two way security system is ready to protect your Twitter account. However, you need to ‘Get Backup Code’ incase you decide to change mobile devices. Write this code down for future reference.