Everyday, we see weird and unrelated tweets from the official Twitter accounts of celebrities and public figures. After a while, news filters in that their accounts had been hacked at the time of sending out the tweets.

Even ordinary people get hacked and their Twitter accounts used to spam others. Unlike Facebook’s two-factor authentication, Twitter’s is called ‘Login Approval’.

Login verification is a security feature that lets you login into your account with a code sent to your mobile phone alongside the normal password. Here are a few steps to setup Login Approval on Twitter.

Step 1

On the right side of the Twitter web page, click on your profile picture and from the drop down menu that appears, click settings.

Step 2

Click on ‘Security and privacy settings’

Then you have to “Verify Login Requests”, but before that, you need to add a phone number to proceed.

Step 3

Click on ‘add phone’



Input your phone number and continue.

Step 4

After inputting your number, before proceeding, uncheck all the boxes listed if you do not want to receive alerts from Twitter on your personal mobile number.

After unchecking the boxes, return to step 3 and check the “Verify Login Requests” box. And a dialog box will be returned showing how the login verification works, proceed to click the “Start” button.

When you click start, the page asks you to verify your Twitter password to continue.

After verification, you get a code sent to your phone, enter the code and click “Get Backup Code”. The backup is displayed on your computer, save it or write it down in case of theft or loss of mobile device.

When “Login Approval” is eventually set up, on logging in after inputting password, a 6-digit code is automatically sent to your phone.

Enter the code, submit and instantly gain access to your Twitter account. This translates to the fact that no matter how hard they try, nobody can access your account unless they are in possession of your phone.

For multi account holders, you can verify multiple accounts with the same phone number.

Please note that this process differs across devices and platforms.

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