There are many individuals who prefer to keep their most information on their phones. These days, smartphones are as significant as full set up computer systems and laptops. Individuals keep their photos, documents and emails on their phones.

In most cases, all these information is lost when the devices are lost or damaged.

It is advised that every individual should practice redundancy when it comes to backing up their phones, this means they should ensure they have more than one copy of the backup.

The first method to backing up your phone is on your computer, the steps are discussed below;

Method 1;

Step 1

Connect your phone to your computer via a USB cable.

Step 2

On your device, pull down the main menu, click on the USB options and select “transfer files”

Step 3

This allows a new link to be added to your side bar in file explore. It should be labelled removable disk or the name of the device. Click on the link and it’ll show the contents of the device.

Step 4

Copy all the files under the name of the device {or removable disk} and copy on your computer.

After a while the transfer will be done and you’ll realize that all the items on your phone are on your laptop. This form of back up is able to capture only saved information like photos, screenshots, music and documents. It leaves out the emails on your phone and also contacts.

This form of backup is very efficient but must be continually updated manually by the user on a frequent basis to ensure the information is intact.

Method 2

The other method of backing up your android device is by making use of Google’s storage space also known as Google Cloud. Google’s android is able to save certain settings like wireless network preferences, bookmarks and custom dictionary words to their servers using google account.

It can be enabled on your android device through the following steps;

Step 1

Open device settings

Step 2

After opening phone settings, select ” Accounts” 

Step 3

In the new window, select Google.

Step 4

When this opens, select or enter your Gmail account.

Step 5

Ensure that everything you wish to be backed up is being checked in the new window.


Step 6

Go back to settings and select “Backup and reset”

Step 7

Ensure the “Back up my data” link is enabled at all times as it will automatically backup your data from them without any interference. 

This form of back up is more efficient in comparison with the first method that was being explained. This method allows for automatic update on new items that have been added to the device.Not all data can be saved by Google or by the computer, third party applications allow other items like {SMS/MMS, messages and alarms} to be saved.

Third party applications can be found on the Google Play Store, some of this applications require payment to work.