The windows 10 is quite new to some individuals, and could be confusing to many others. Here is a step by step description of how to search for apps from the desktop.

On the windows 10, you can get to apps in two simple ways and it will be described in this article.

Method 1 — To manually search for apps on the windows 10 desktop.

Step 1

Click on the Start button{This is displayed as the windows logo} 

Step 2

Just above the logo, click on “All apps”

Step 3

There would be a list of all application installed on the computer.

       Method 2 — Going through the search bar on windows 10.

Step 1

To open the Search bar, User should click on the magnifying icon, which is just beside the windows logo

Step 2;

This opens a new window still on the startup bar. In this new window, there is a text box where users can type the name of any app he or she is looking for.

The second method is an easier way of getting to look for anything on the system, meanwhile the first procedure gives up to date information on the applications on your computer system.