Performing a  factory reset erases all the information stored on a device in a bid to restore its software to the original manufacturer’s setting. User data like apps, contacts, call logs , text messages, music and other information stored on your phone’s memory will be lost after the reset. However pre-installed applications and data stored on the SD card will not be affected. Performing a factory reset will return your phone to the way it was when you first turned it on.

But why will you even consider going back to the very beginning?

Reasons to perform a factory reset

Slow phone performance

Do you experience frequent freezing  or forced closes when using your device? Or does your phone sometimes become unresponsive?

Your phone performance may slow down over time especially when you have a lot of apps installed. Sometimes this may be caused by a few mischievous apps and fishing them out may be impossible. Other times there is probably an ingrained problem deep down in the system that you simply can not figure out.

In such cases, trying out different tweaks and possible fixes or uninstalling a combination of suspicious apps without success can get frustrating. Sometimes wiping the slate clean by performing a factory reset may be the most effective option.

To tackle a Virus infection or malware

If you suspect your phone is infected with a virus and  all other attempts to remove the infected file or app fail, you should consider a factory reset.

To clear off personal information

You may need to remove personal information from your phone when you want to sell it or give it out to someone else. A factory reset is the easiest way to get this done.

The good news

Getting a fresh start doesn’t have to come at a price. You can save your important files before before performing a factory reset and put them back when your done. Before a factory reset  ensure you have made sufficient preparations.