With increasing concerns about internet privacy, using only the standard password for your Facebook account can not guarantee your security.

Facebook  allows  a Two Factor Authentication System known as “Login Approvals” in addition to the usual password identification.  Login Approvals  require you to enter a code sent to your mobile phone whenever you log into your account from a new or unrecognized source.

After entering the security code , you will have the option of saving this device to avoid repeating the process  in the future. You are also required to verify the attempted access on your next login and change your password if you do not recognize the login attempt.

Enabling Login Approvals on your Facebook account is easy and quick. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1

Log into your facebook account, click the drop-down arrow in the very top-right corner and choose Settings

Step 2

In the left pane, select security then click on edit to the right of login Approvals


Step 3

Check “require a login code to access my account from unknown browsers”

Step 4

Click get started after reading the prompt that pops up

Step 5

Follow the prompt;

  • Enter a name and click on “add browser”
  • Select “Android, iPhone or iPod Touch”.
  • Enter your Cellphone number
  • Wait for the verification code to arrive and enter it.
  • Click “Close”.

You can also use a code generator if you are unable to  receive if you dont have access to the internet or  SMS