Printers are generally cumbersome so carrying them around is not exactly a fun and viable option. When you are travelling or packing light and still need to print coloured images on the go, the Canon Selphy CP1000 looks to  sure bet.

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In unboxing, it was obvious that the compact size of this printer was its major selling point so I decided to look for other strengths and weaknesses of the Canon Selphy CP1000.


The printer is a small compact affair that weighs 918 grams so it can be carried around in a photographer’s backpack or picnic bag.


The design is enhanced by a 45-degree tilt to the LCD screen that makes it accessible at any angle.


Printing a copy is a seamless process howbeit slow. It takes slightly under a minute to print one copy; approximately 55 minutes to be exact.


The Canon Selphy CP1000 is sold within the ranges of ₦43,000 to ₦50,000 in shops and on ecommerce stores.


This printer is a photo enthusiast’s delight as it offers the satisfaction of seeing pictures in print. But in terms of connectivity, I wished there was a Bluetooth and or WiFi to automatically connect cameras to it. These would have also made it a universal printer as it would be compatible with other mobile camera devices.

In operation, there is a slight confusion in the LCD. This is a user interface problem and a first time user may need practice to get a hang of its operation.

In trying to print an image, the above menu is irreversible with the back button that is meant to reverse the action. Instead, “Select & Print” is the magic word to get back the print page, and this is very confusing.

Though the speed of printing and battery availability limits its usage to a considerable extent. But when you consider the affordability of the Canon Selphy CP1000 in relation with the quality of pictures printed and size, it is a good buy.