Backing data up is a very underrated affair, people put off this action until they the last minute and then they regret it. But this is amazing considering that the process is one of the simplest.

There are plenty ways to back files up on Android devices and they will all be explored in time. But I discovered a cloud service that is exclusively for Infinix users.

And since there has been a surge in the number of Infinix users, this here is by popular demand.

So if you have an Infinix smartphone, here is how you can backup all your files without losing a single one of them, even when the phone is lost or stolen, you can still retrieve this data.

Step 1

If you are using XOS which is Infinix latest operating system, just click on Xcloud. But for those using XUI which is the older operating system, go to Xcontact menu.

Step 2

Sign up with a username, email and password.

Step 3

Click on the “BACKUP” button shown there.

Step 4

Then select all the items you want to backup like your contacts, SMS , call logs, photos and videos.

Step 5

Accept the terms  and conditions and all your files will be backed up so that in the event of theft or accident, you can always  restore all your


Please note that the backup process described above can only be performed on an Infinix smartphone. So even when you want to recover data backed up, it must be on an Infinix phone.

Some phone manufacturers have their own cloud support, if you need help with any one of them do let me know in the comment section.

Photo Credit: Nir Tober Flickr via Compfight cc