Buying electronics or gadgets of any sorts can be tricky all over the world especially when you do not have full knowledge of the product. However, buying smartphones can even be more complicated.

Whether you are in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, any city in Nigeria or around the world, there are necessary steps that should be taken to ensure you get value for money and also do not buy a defective product. Some of these tips may look trivial, but they can mean the difference between losing your money and getting value for it.

Why are you buying the phone?

Peer pressure, conforming with trends and fads have a huge bearing on this factor. Our of over 300 people I have directly asked why they needed a new phone, 200 admitted wanting it because it somebody else had it or they saw it on television. The remaining 100 could not categorically say why.

As much satisfaction derived from owning a product is part of the value for buying it, a phone’s functionality for you the user should be put into consideration before a purchase is made.


Check if seal is broken

This especially applies to new phones. 99% of mobile phone manufacturers seal the boxes that the devices come in with a seal. Most times, this seal usually has a warning that the device should not be bought if the seal is broken,

The seals are put there to prevent tampering and ensure that accessories are not switched, lost or replaced at the point of sales. If the seal of phone you are about to purchase is broken, best leave it and take another.

Ensure product is as advertised

Especially with mobile phone manufacturers that are still struggling to get a customer base and sell off their devices, advertising is usually overzealous so that you may end up with a different phone from what was advertised; in specs and even appearance.

After paying for a smart phone you intend buying, open the box and make sure everything is intact before leaving the vendors store. Or at least a day after purchase.

Test phone before leaving vendor

This is different from making sure accessories are in order. The number one rule of buying a phone that is always ignored in smartphones is making sure the phone actually make and receives calls.

When buying a smartphone (or any phone at all, always go with a SIM card to insert in and test the phone to make sure it actually works.

DO NOT buy used phones

This is very tricky especially since costs are the main reasons for buying used phones. Most times, the money you have can get a very good phone, but not exactly the one you want so you resort to buy a used one.

Development of faults is the major reason people put up their old mobile phones for saleĀ and attempt to get new ones. So unless you personally know the seller and are assured of the state of the smartphone, do not buy it.