These days, there is an application for every game available and every board game now has app versions on smartphones, computers and mobile devices.

It is fun and easier to carry your board games around in your phone, but there are still plenty benefits of playing these games the old-fashioned way — on an actual board.

Among the most important of these functions are their ability to create quality family time, stimulation of laughter and the release of stress. Here are 3 of the board games that can enhance and improve cognitive abilities.


There is a large misconception that the game of Scrabble is largely based of your knowledge of the English Language(or whatever language you are playing in). As much as a large vocabulary of the knowledge is essential, success in the game is more reliant on your ability to remember words — a good memory.

In the year 2015, Nigel Richards from New Zealand memorised the French Scrabble dictionary in 9 weeks and won the world ‘French’ Scrabble championship without understanding a word from the language.

As a game where extensive memory is required, playing it constantly and remembering words helps the player strengthen and develop an eidetic memory.



This board game with king, queen, rook, knight, bishop and pawn pieces is one of the most strategic games. The abstract board game is so strategic that it is classified as a mind sport; where players duel with their mental instead of physical prowess.

Even though a link between the game of Chess and intelligence has not being confirmed, it takes a careful amount of planning and strategizing to make a solid move on the board (especially for beginners).

Playing Chess will improve on the players planning ability over a long period of time.



This fantasy real estate trading game has been around in board games since the 1900s. It is a fantasy board game that affords players the opportunity of being real estate tycoons, buy and sell properties with fake money.

But as much as it is not real, the board game sure has quality advice and lessons on investment and even real estate. Mistakes on the game can be translated onto real life situations.

Of course the lessons are not going to coming jumping out at a first time player, but with time, they are more explicit and clearer for the players to see.